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Trade & Delivery Procedure

For Registered Customers :-




Customers can buy/sell/place orders/cancel orders gold or silver in the following ways:

  • Through, CapsSPOT terminal.
  • By, calling to the "Metal Booking Department" on+91-40-67333999

Delivery Quantity Requirement

  • Customers will get a call on their registered mobile numbers every day for "Delivery Quantity Requirement" from our "Delivery Organizing Team".
  • Customers to inform regarding it and the same will be processed.


  • Customers can fund for their requested delivery through RTGS/NEFT/Bank Tfr.
  • Back office will credit the same to customer's ledger accounts respectively.

Accounting & Scrutiny

  • Accounts department to raise tax invoices and tag them respectively to various locations. Alternatively customer will receive a copy of tax invoice through email.
  • Finally a scrutiny would be carried out to ensure everything is proper in place.

Metal Delivery

  • The metal would be available across "Metal Physical Delivery Locations" as listed in the website to different cities/towns respectively.
  • Customers to ensure everything is correct and take the delivery of goods.


  • Customers should ensure to register 02 mobile no's & 01 landline no. For all trades via calls.
  • Only through registered phone numbers trades would be undertaken.
  • Trade Margins would be affected for trades done either ways.(Through CapsSPOT Terminal/Metal Booking Dept.)
  • Customers should ensure to register their email id to receive copy of tax invoices.

Trade timings:

Mon to Fri: 10.00am to 11.30pm & Sat: 10.00am to 02.00pm

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